Making Tough Decisions

At one point or the other in our lives we will be faced with difficult, life-changing decisions. These decisions, if taken, would alter the course of our lives either positively or negatively and they are always laced with uncertainties of dire consequences. These decisions also entail leaving our places of comfort and assured security to a new place of discomfort and insecurity. Can you relate with this? These momentous times are defining times in our lives and we scarce not miss the opportunity to grow. To me, it usually follows the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ mantra and I believe every man has got at least one of such opportunities in his life. In fear, ninety percent of us prefer the sure, conventional way because common sense dictates so. But common sense does not mean best sense. We see confirmation in the following well-accepted, global phrases which when interpreted mean – be careful, hold onto what you have;

‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’
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What Are The Keys To Success?

1. Motivation or De-motivation
‘We were not motivated… we were not motivated.’ I have heard people say and have often wondered where motivation really comes from. Employers need to pay their staff well to motivate them. There ought to be very good working conditions. We need more time off to relax and think properly… and so the cries of disaffection grows. These are not cries of poor external motivation but of no internal motivation. No matter the amount of salaries employers pay employees, they get over it in a matter of time and ask for a pay rise (believe me this is true). There also can not be the most adequate working conditions for staff as some of these conditions are external; beyond the reach of the employers or when internal; they are often overcome by unforeseen circumstances. This is why machines (which find adjustments uneasy) were not employed in the first instance but you!
Some employees find themselves in comfort zones when everything is laid out for them. They stop thinking and just get carried along. When their bosses are friendly and easily accessible they conclude that they have arrived and so sleep off. Other staff find this as an avenue to discuss improvement ideas with their bosses and therefore get the office running. Continue reading “What Are The Keys To Success?”


January 16 this year, I hit the 4 year mark in Oceanic bank. Sitting on my sofa in a reflective mood I run through the different episodes of my life whilst trying to live the slogan – experience peace. It had been both challenging and rewarding especially those rickety moments when I recall with nostalgia the offer from my Head of Operations in the last bank where I worked. He offered me an unauthorized 2 weeks leave of absence to test the ‘Ocean’ and if I am not satisfied to come back. Cockily, I informed him that I have mentioned my intentions and burnt my boats, like the Roman general of yore, and what remained was either victory or death. He let me go. During my many turbulent times I have asked myself what I was thinking when I refused to keep that offer in the cooler as a plan B.
There were times when it was hell; having a branch manager whom you have concluded hates you because he made every day of your life unbearable; weekends inclusive. I almost dropped my resignation letter but that same stubborn streak I had told me that my circumstances should never defeat me. I ploughed ahead. I have outlived a lot of ogas and undergone numerous experiences. In the midst of these, I always made sure I become better from them that after one year in Oceanic bank I felt that the 2 years I spent in two other banks were wasted because I did not garner any sustainable knowledge.
Churning memories in my mind I remember female colleagues who outshone me in the area of deposit mobilization. Or was it the other who could spew brilliant memos at the snap of her fingers that leave me gawking. I am a sexist; nothing stings me more than being beaten by females. They were good at making me feel depressed. Other things that depress me were cabals (Current Account BALanceS) and unresolved situations. I have had faster heartbeats when I spied my dropping deposits. However, unresolved issues were the worst; the always come back again to haunt you when you least expected. Continue reading “Reminisces”