Boko Haram: Our Contributions

I am lapsing into depression, the second time after my first and only experience in 2001. I have tried to resolve it by changing any radio station that is airing the news that 200 teenage girls were abducted just today in the Northern state of Borno by the Boko Haram insurgents, who only yesterday, claimed an official estimate of 71 fatalities with more than 200 injured. And official reports are always grossly underestimated in Nigeria. How did we come this far down the cesspit of callousness? How did we fall into a deep sleep that we didn’t know that the house we built or that we are trying to build is being destroyed. Calumny, accusations and counter-accusations are now the order of the day. They have never helped us and will not start now.

They say Boko Haram is faceless, is that true? Continue reading “Boko Haram: Our Contributions”

GDP Rebase, The Optimism

So many events generate so many diverse reactions in Nigeria and when you think you are done with one another steaming event crops up and you are caught in the eye of the gossip storm. On Sunday, April 6, 2014, Nigeria rebased her GDP from the primordial date of 1990 and the ensuing reactions from Nigerians have been as predictive as usual; “whats in it for me?”

GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the total value of goods and services produced in a country within a specific period of time. GDP rebase, according to The United Nations, is the process of replacing present price structure (base year) to compile volume measures of GDP with a new or more recent base year. Countries rebase their GDP regularly to get a recent view of how their economy is faring. Nigeria lagged behind for 23 years. Continue reading “GDP Rebase, The Optimism”

A – Z of Business

A is Action. You need to do and not to talk or dream. It is time to stop dreaming and to start doing. The age of doing only started with the cave man. The age of dreamers only ended with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. We are in the age of dreaming and doing. You must have definitely dreamed enough, could you start doing? Because when a dream has been dreamt for too long it becomes a nightmare.

B is Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your business. Believe in your staff. Believe in positivity. Belief is key to getting unscathed to your destination. It brews confidence and keeps you calm in the midst of storms and believe me you will seeof lot of these. Believe is also infectious; you share it around to staff and clients. So share it.

C is Creativity. To be above par you have to better your neighbor. Creativity is doing an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. Do not settle for monotony. Tweak and experiment. Find better or more interesting ways of old things.

D is Distraction. These may come in as better offers and excellent business ideas but they could derail you from what you have in mind. Put all your eggs into a basket and watch that basket, Mark Twain said to hammer in the importance of not being distracted. Continue reading “A – Z of Business”