A – Z of Business

A is Action. You need to do and not to talk or dream. It is time to stop dreaming and to start doing. The age of doing only started with the cave man. The age of dreamers only ended with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. We are in the age of dreaming and doing. You must have definitely dreamed enough, could you start doing? Because when a dream has been dreamt for too long it becomes a nightmare.

B is Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your business. Believe in your staff. Believe in positivity. Belief is key to getting unscathed to your destination. It brews confidence and keeps you calm in the midst of storms and believe me you will seeof lot of these. Believe is also infectious; you share it around to staff and clients. So share it.

C is Creativity. To be above par you have to better your neighbor. Creativity is doing an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. Do not settle for monotony. Tweak and experiment. Find better or more interesting ways of old things.

D is Distraction. These may come in as better offers and excellent business ideas but they could derail you from what you have in mind. Put all your eggs into a basket and watch that basket, Mark Twain said to hammer in the importance of not being distracted.

E is Exercise. Whether it be your brains or your body you need to put them in a rigid regime. Most business men think that exercise is a waste of their precious time but it isn’t. It is not a waste feeding the Christmas chicken fat so you can enjoy it better only with exercises you don’t die but you live better. Exercising gives you strength to walk and work; you don’t slouch, you have confidence that arise from a strong and beautiful body and you won’t be drowsy at work giving you plenty time to work.

F is Focus. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t take it off for out for anything. Marksmen do not take their eyes of their target even after they have aimed. You need to be solely focused on what is front of you and keep at it. So you need to know what it is that you want to kill.

G is Goal. Have a goal. No use going anywhere when you don’t know the destination. If you don’t know your destination then the destination of the crowd becomes your destination. We said focus but it is useless without having a goal to focus on. Have a definite goal that you can reel out without having to scratch your head.

H is Honesty. Honesty still pays only the journey is longer but more sustainable. Honesty is outmoded and no longer fashionable but there has been no substitute for it despite the years of experimentation. People do busy with people they trust, make people trust you by being trustworthy yourself. It takes time, a long time to build trust but when you have it it brings great dividends.

I is Influence. Influence customers, staff and if possible competition. Business is influence. Create and aura that will draw people towards you. Work on your magnetism; your dressing, your smile, your knowledge, your truthfulness, anything that will make people like you. Work on everything that will make you like yourself because if you don’t like yourself people will find it difficult to like you.

J is Journal. Record keeping is basic for the success of an enterprise. It is more important than the goods or service that you offer. Do you have a problem with pens and paper and computers? Are you not a desk-type employee? Then employ one. Your records needs to be up-to-date and lucid enough that years from now another staff will not need explanation on what you have recorded,

K is Know. Know your job. Know your duty. Know people. Know your location. Know your surroundings. Know your strength and project them, know your weakness and work on them. Knowledge is power and you need power to succeed. Scrounge for anything that gives your knowledge but for now be more specific on knowing what concerns your business. Other knowledge you can pay to get.

L is Learn. It is unfortunate K becomes before L alphabetically but in business life L comes first. Learn to know. Be open to new things and not closed to differing opinions. Listen to learn.

M is Measure. If you work without measuring the amount of work being done or the result you are getting then your work will not be efficient. Get targets and measure work done with these targets. Have a definite medium of calculating work done and have a definite metrics against which they can be measured.

N is Network. As you create a good product give yourself a lifeline by creating a network. The people is power not only to make political changes but to build brands. Do not be people-shy. You may not be outgoing but whenever you go out o not miss the opportunity to reach out to people and tell them about your product and the business you are engaged in. don’t build walls, build bridges.

O is Opportunity. Sometimes it comes to you, other times you go for it but every time you must recognize it when you see it. Opportunity, they say, knocks only once so you may have to leave your door wide open with a sign saying COME ON IN. Opportunity is sometimes disguised as hardwork but beyond the hardwork could be a great door of new opportunities.

P is Profile. Create a profile that fits and sticks. Profiles can be tweaked and upgraded but stick to it. It is an identity. Profiles can come in the form of mantras, bylines, clichés that represent the company’s will and business. Profiles are a little longer picture of your elevation pitch. Develop a suitable one after much thought.

Q is Quality. When price is long forgotten, quality (or lack of it) is remembered. Don’t let your business epitomize substandard. To be the best give the best. Spend resources on creating the best and never allow price to make you negotiate on your quality. Also do not let clients ask for substandard products from you, tell them that you never go below your standard and ask them to try elsewhere. They may leave but will eventually recommend anyone who needs quality to you.

R is Rest. Not sleep but rest. Your brain and body can only take so much and rest has been found to be a great stress reliever and analgesic. There will be days when you may need to push your body and brain for long but when there is no need for a marathon give yourself a rest slack.

S is Stress. Stress management is a key component of efficiency in business. Keep stress down by exercising, socializing, taking time off for vacation etc. Stress goes with every job, but don’t let it burn you out.

T is Time Management. Time is money. Lost health, wealth, opportunities can be recovered but lost time can never be recovered. You have 60 golden minutes for every hour and 1440 golden minutes for every day. Make your minutes count. There are times you may need to delegate or to pay to free your time, don’t hesitate to do so. A crucial exercise in time management is this: think how much you are worth; via your monthly salary or your monthly business profit, divide it by 43200 to get how much your minute is worth, that is your per minute value. Utilize it.

U is Understand. Understand business terrains and opportunities, data and figures. Understand the difference between work and life. Understand your staff and clients. Do not take everything with a wave of your hand, understand why it is happening and why it shouldn’t be happening.

V is Victory. Know and celebrate victories no matter how big or small. Pop the champagne, throw a party, slacken your tie, relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t always be in too much hurry to gravitate from your recent victory to pursue the next one without savouring it. Enjoy the moment because there will be many moments that you will you will not be able to remember.

W is Wisdom. Have and share wisdom. Be a fountain that people can tap from. Exude the confidence that arises from knowing. But to know you have got to search and when you know you have got to search the more. Knowledge is never enough and neither is it wasted. Too much knowledge doesn’t cause constipation or asphyxiation rather it strengthens and aerates you. Seek wisdom.

X is X-factor. Know that you are your business and your business is you. You are the X-factor that can either make or mar it. Whether your business succeeds or fails is not a function of your staff or external business conditions but of you. You have the hire-fire prerogative and this does not revolve only around human capital; you can hire clients and business ideas and you can fire them also if they are not working. Be the link that successfully connects your business.

Y is Yesterday. The success of yesterday can be the failure of today. Yesterday with its missed opportunities and resolved challenges are gone. You should draw strength and inspiration from them but don’t sit on them. Nothing kills faster than resting on your oars. Oars are made to push us further and not make us rest under.

Z is Zest. You will need a little zeal to get you going at full throttle when all factors are against you. A brave man is said to be just 5 more minutes braver than a coward. You need that zest to get you beyond the coward zone into the brave zone. Zest is an inner drive that is capable of superseding every external obstacle. Just nurture it.

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