The Epetedo Declaration – Chief MKO Abiola

The Epetedo Declaration

People of Nigeria, exactly one year ago, you turned out in your millions to vote for me, Chief MKO Abiola, as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But politicians in uniform, who call themselves soldiers but are more devious than any civilian would want to be, deprived you of your God-given right to be ruled by the president you had yourselves elected.
These soldiers introduced into our body politic, a concept hitherto unknown to our political lexicography, something strangely called the “annulment” of an election perceived by all to have been the fairest, cleanest and most peaceful ever held in our nation.
Since that abominable act of naked political armed robbery occurred, I have been constantly urged by people of goodwill both in Nigeria and abroad to put the matter back into the people’s hands and get them to actualize the mandate they gave me at the polls.
But mindful of the need to ensure that peace continues to reign in our fragile federation, I have continued to pursue sweet reason and negotiation. My hope has been to arouse whatever remnants of patriotism are left in the hearts of those thieves of your mandate, and to persuade them that they should not allow their personal desire to rule to usher our beloved country into an era of political instability and economic ruin. Continue reading “The Epetedo Declaration – Chief MKO Abiola”