Who is Japheth Omojuwa

I read the king who danced naked more than two decades ago and it never ceased to baffle me why people will be so afraid never to tell a king his fault to the extent he will be naked and his advisors will say he is wearing the best apparel. This story was brought to the fore of my mind two days ago when I watched Rome (the series film) and subjects were clapping for Mark Anthony who was pathetically practicing a duel with his Aide camp, Veronius. Nobody could whisper to his ears that he was a mockery of himself and far gone in spirit to replicate the feat of the able general that nations dreaded and Romans loved. It was at that moment I pitied royalty. It was definitely hard to separate praise-singers from truth-tellers.

Just yesterday the twitter world was agog by a seemingly offensive statement that one of their own made on television; Japheth Omojuwa. He was quoted by Channels Television on their Rubbin’ minds to have said that “our noise on social media is achieving more than Gani (Fawehinmi) did” Immediately he got out of set the mudslingers were at work and for the first time since following him on twitter I saw a flustered JJ trying to explain that he did not and could not say such a thing against the venerated activist Gani Fawehinmi. Friends and enemies came to his aid and @omojuwa even got his much needed I love you no matter what everybody says you said. But did he really say what they say he said? Continue reading “Who is Japheth Omojuwa”