Rape: The New Scourge

Normally, I don’t pick up strangers along the road especially women because they tend to think that your act of kindness is their right by virtue of their sex or worse still that you have an ulterior motive; whichever is not acceptable by me. But on this fateful day it was different. My defenses were down either because of the late hour or because of the way the girl swayed painfully when she walked I don’t know but I put my foot on the brake pedal and stopped beside her. “Care for a lift?” I asked. She could only manage a nod after a brief hesitation and subsequent resignation. I guess she was more afraid of what she was running from than she was of me. I stretched across and opened the passenger side door for her. My car is a jeep; a Nissan Xterra and it is really high off the ground but it was not high enough to make her struggle into the car seat as if the lubricants in her body were all dried up and her bones were in direct contact with each other. “High fever.” I reasoned. It was the sickness that makes your body as stiff as that. “Do you care for the air-conditioning?” I inquired, after we had gone a little way off, wondering if the state of her health would permit such cold temperature that the air-conditioning of the car offered. But I didn’t get a reply. Briefly taking my eyes off the road, I spared a glance at my passenger and saw that what was beside me was only a body without the spirit inside of it. “Are you okay?” I asked, this time getting real concerned but as before I didn’t get a reply. I could now see that she didn’t hear me. I had to touch her. She jerked out of her reverie and almost out of her seat. “Are you sick?” I asked and this time got a reply which was a shake of her head. By now I had driven to a safe enough place and parked my car near a spot where a mallam sells suya. “Where are you going to and what is wrong with you?” “I don’t know where I should go to.” For the first time I heard the voice of my passenger. Since the answer was not what I anticipated I restated the second question. “What is wrong with you? What happened to you?” Pause. Like she was thinking whether she should tell me. Then… “I have just been raped.” Continue reading “Rape: The New Scourge”